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Customer Reviews

Thanks guys, these products are the bomb, I love them!!
- Joycelyn

The amazing thing about Zanzi Beauty is they put dark skin tones first!
- Tiffany G

Came across your page on Facebook and OMG! I'm in love
😻 You are the first black-owned brand that I've come across that actually incorporated African vibes into their packaging and products. Like I just want to cry because I'm so happy. The hardest thing to do or be in an industry that doesn't necessarily see black people is to be an individual and not be influenced by trends and what everyone else is doing. But its also the best thing to be because you create your lane and set standards.
Honestly, this is so inspiring and I want you to know I'm already a fan. This has made my entire day, weekend, month and year. The fact that you chose to be so daring makes me feel unstoppable and is already motivating me to be as bold and daring as your brand. Very well done. I hope you make it to the top and show them what beauty actually looks like.😘😘
- Valerie H

It felt VERY nice I definitely liked the formula!
- Sylvia M