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Why Make-Up Has To Be Animal Cruelty Free

by ZANZI Beauty Admin |

Sadly, a lot of the big make-up brands still test their ingredients on animals. For us here at ZANZI, this is utterly incomprehensible in this day and age which is why we’re proudly animal cruelty free on all our make-up.

Even though Europe rightly implemented a full-on ban on all animal testing in 1997, unbelievably China (which has a multi-million pound beauty market) still has legislation in place that any beauty product manufactured outside the country must be tested on animals before it hits the shelves which includes products from the best-known cruelty-free brands.

Frustratingly, any cosmetic sold there, regardless of where it’s made, could be subject to additional testing which can, and often does, include testing on animals.

Even though the brands don’t carry out the tests themselves, by selling in China they are condoning the fact that their product may be tested on animals and they even pay regulatory fees that fund these tests.

For us here at ZANZI, this is an absolute no on so many levels.

Firstly, to inflict cruelty and pain on an animal just to satisfy a cosmetic need is morally reprehensible. Also, scientists have huge amounts of data, amassed over decades of research and development, to assess any side effects of ingredients in cosmetics. The European Union maintains a comprehensive list of banned ingredients that are known to cause harm or negative side effects. By manufacturing ZANZI products to EU standards, which are the most stringent in the world, the risk of any adverse side effect is virtually non-existent.

Also – and hugely important – customers have made it loud and clear that they do not want products that have been tested on animals; we share their concerns, which is why we asked PETA to accredit us to demonstrate our commitment to animal cruelty free products.

Unfortunately, through branding and marketing even the brands that we assume are fully animal cruelty free can often be not and the information on this is, in our opinion, not clear enough. As consumers, we demand full disclosure and full revelation on brands that still think testing on animals is acceptable in any way.

Here at ZANZI, we have created a wonderful collection of foundation, eye shadow and lip creams that we are super proud of that has been safely and methodically tested without having to go near an innocent animal. There is absolutely no need for any make-up brand to have to go down this route apart from greed to sell in a mass market. When brands respect money more than life, you have to question the rest of their ethics.

ZANZI is fiercely proud to be animal cruelty free, paraben free and dedicated to our customers’ safety.  We take great care in ensuring our products are rigorously tested to comply with United States FDA and European Union standards, which are the toughest in the world. In the world of online sales, it’s more important than ever that you have 100% trust in the cosmetics that you use. You should always check your supplier.

If a company is not listed, you should contact them to find out why. If they cannot produce their own test certificates, then their products are not safe to use. It’s sad, but some companies put profits before protection.

ZANZI Beauty puts you first.